Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a bit stressed, but hanging in there. I am debating if I should end this blog and start a new one when I get back to blogging. I am not good with making up good names. I thought why not start a new one to coincide with my new beggining.....
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missy j said...

Whatever you decide, I'll be here, keeping in touch and always wishing you the best in all your life's adventures!
Safe travel on your trip HOME!

firstborn studio said...

ditto what missy said!

you will always be bookmarked in my heart! sappy sweet but so true...

much love and good things to you and your beautiful family,

lindaharre said...

Just keep us informed.....wherever you are:D Good luck on this move....I know it means a lot to you!!!!! Remember we are only a few hour drive away and visits are really nice!

Beth said...

I changed my blog and blog name at the beginning of this year and it was soooo refreshing.

It was all me...I needed a change and starting with a new blog was the only thing that felt right to me and was an immediate high !

The content of my blog also changed....but as we all grow that's to be expected.

So whatever you do, do what feels right to you, to your heart !!!