Saturday, July 28, 2007

soccer fun

I have been very busy attending my son's sport tournaments.

last week we attended the show me games in Columbia, MO and I am proud to say
that we won first place in the U9 level.

I am so proud and it was a blast.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

favorite find

I had not shared this with you. I found this beautiful antique photo album a few months
ago at one of my favorite antique malls. I past it up a couple a times. Finally, one day when I was
ready to buy it it was gone. Well, I thought it was not meant to be. I went back again a f ew weeks
ago and OMG it was there again. This time I could not pass it up so here are a few pics that I took of it. It has more tin type pictures other then the ones I am showing. It is truly a beautiful find.

I am so amazed at it's beauty and can't help thinking about who these people are and what their
lives were like. I will never know. All they have to know is that I will cherish this forever......
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I am sharing with you a few of my finds here that hopefully soon
I will have displayed on the wall of my kitchen. So far I have at least
ten plates that I would like to hang on the wall and have them displayed.
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Highway 70 here we come!

Yes, we headed off early Sat to breakfast and then off to hit
highway 70 for an antiquing adventure. My friend Jennifer and
her family surprised me Friday by coming to visit this past weekend.

So her hubby and son hung out with my three boys.

Us girls went out and about on highway 70 stopping at every
little antique store on the way to Fulton, MO. I had a good time and
I hope my SCOUTS (as my husband calls my friends, Jen, Amanda and Michel)
had a good time as well.....

Michel you look good in that red ole hat... Look at that other feathery flowery
purply hat! WOW!

I will post more later of some of the finds..

Love, Just ME
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baubles and finds, oh my!
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

vintage pictures and more stuff

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Happy 4th to you

Happy 4th to you....

Like Linda Harre my main focus today is my
little family of four today...

Family and fun

Also in mind will be all the soldiers that have fought for
our freedom and the great sacrifices they have made and
the sacrifices of their families.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

more goodies to share

more pictures I found this weekend. I love the 1920s
so I really cannot pass up any pic of that era.

I always wonder if I was reincarnated from that time.
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weekend find

on my way back from the lake this weekend, I spotted
a little antique shop past osage beach, mo. my hubby was nice
enough to stop so that I can browse.... I only bought a few pics because
to be honest she was way more expensive then some of the goods I can find
at my local antique store on 94 or the flea market. it was nice to stop though and
see some of the goods she had... overly priced and all.

I am planning a day trip this Saturday down highway 70 and I am going to hit all the
little antique stores I passed the other day...... love the country and maybe I will find a
few treasures I can show you next week.
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