Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flea Market Find

Last week on my flea market adventure. I found this beautiful ceramic doggie. I saw him
and passed him up thinking who knows what I was thinking....

Well, I couldn't leave without him. So I got back out of my car and ran back to where
I saw him. He was only $4.00.......

He looks so cute don't you think.

I have him sitting on my porch waiting for me when I get home.

In a few minutes I will be leaving to the flea market today. Wish me luck.

It's supposed to be nice so hopefully there will be more sellers then last week.

I did pass up a wicker chair that looked really shabby and I left that. Maybe, it
will be there today. It might just come home with me even though my husband
will think what the HELL do you want with that.... Have you lost your marbles.
And I will happily say YES I HAVE........

OH well! Have a springy day and I will post later if I find something GREAT!

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here is another.... I plan on using these images
to make cards... Linda, look in your mail soon.
it's in the works just for you........... :)
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Pink Anyone?
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Some good old card I made a few
years back
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Spring is in the Air her in Missouri!
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Happy Spring to you..... I got up early because I couldn't sleep
anymore and thought gosh I have let go of my blog.... To tell you
the truth, not that it matters, but I think it is time to shut down this
blog of mine. No reason. I think it has run its course and the time has
come. So happy day to you today. I plan on planting maybe some pansies
since I think the day might not be so cold. I heard 70s or 80s this weekend.

enjoy your day and like my friend
Maryann would say, FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

When on my shopping spree the other day with the girls
through the window I saw this beautiful home FOR SALE.... Gosh if
I had the money. Of course it looks like it would need a whole lotta work, but
it's just a beauty in my eyes....
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

just playing around with picasa again.

I love what you can do with your own


More of my weekend treasure finds
below..... if your interested.
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Okay, so I couldn't pass this up either. The lady
was so nice to give me a good deal. Gosh I love that
store and to tell you the truth she had all new things coming
into the store. Garden treasures she said. I said, OH YEAH!
I will be back soon I said.
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it's finally home with me as well. Dont'
know what it will shelf, but I am sure I will
find some goodies to display on this beauty.......
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Last week on my girls gone shopping weekend
i found this beautiful vintage sconce. I am glad I didn't
leave it behind. It is beautiful.
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