Monday, June 25, 2007

home sweet home

went home to see my family. had not been to Chicago
in a very long time. here are a few family members having fun. My home life is filled with boys. I grew up with three brothers one of them posted above. My brothers have boys. I have boys.

So when I go home there are men all over the place. Nothing like a family
BBQ. Can you tell that the boys had some major sugar running through their
little bodies. More pictures below of my fun filled weekend.......
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food, friend, fun......

What can be better then spending some time with
a good friend, eating some tasty food and maybe a little
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flower's a good thing!

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a girls best friend

meet my good friend JLO... She is a girls best friend. we have been friends for a very long time. these are some great aprons that she found at one of our stops. Jen I told you i would not post your picture, but you looked to cute not to..

thanks for a fun Sunday afternoon!

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while shopping around here are a few pics that I took
of some of the great places my friend JLO took me to.

the bottom picture shows a couple of our great finds.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007


The estate sale I crashed the other day had tons of these silhouette picture frames. To bad that I only had a few dollars on me. You can get them through ebay if you are interested. I love them especially the victorian images.
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vintage seam binding

I love seam binding. It makes great bows.

I was so excited when I found this little bag full of this old vintage seam binding at the flea. The colors are so pretty. Martha is now selling it at Michaels. I did buy some of hers because she has some great colors as well.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I crashed an estate sale today during lunch.

Bummer that I did not have that much money on me
I was able though to purchase a few things....

They will be open again this weekend, but I am going
home to visit my mom.

Oh well, you loose some you win some.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

mirror mirror on the wall

I was so luck to find this beautiful mirror at the flea this past Sunday.
I paid only $1.00. So now you see why I was so lucky. The mirror
part of it is damaged, but damaged in an interesting way.
That's okay because it's still beautiful in my eyes...

I have seriously contemplated in maybe opening my own little booth
at my local antique shop. I enjoy buying all these treasures. One of the main
reasons I have not is because I fall in love with everything I buy and don't
know if I can part with it. Same with the stuff I make. Kind of hard to let
it go. I put my heart into it.
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Frida Por Vida parte 2

And another... I was on a role. To bad I had to go to bed.
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Frida Por Vida

I guess I sometimes still can create. It has gotten harder.
Sometimes nothing comes out and sometimes it does.
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Feliz dia del padre

Happy father's day my love!
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tick tick tick tick tick tick

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tick tick tick went the clock

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More flea market finds

My friend Michel decided to join me this early morning
to attend my local flea. We had fun plus we
found some good finds.... the beautiful mirror was only $1.00.

We got these beautiful old dolls $25.00 for three. The ole clock
was $3.00 and it really works. The cup and saucer was a great find
and I am sending it to my swap partner if I can part with it. Misc
dishes ranged from a few for a $1.00 and the prices went up to $3.00.
All in all we got a few great treasures...
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Flea Market fun with my friend Michel

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cool and refreshing

It was really hot today! We were invited to
a fun party at Mark and Leslies house.. Always fun
but boy was it hot....
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Enedina's Salsa

My mother in Law makes the best hot salsa... So I tried my hand at
it and it came out really great....... Yummie
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