Thursday, October 26, 2006

last Sundays treasures

Last Sunday I attended a vintage paper
convention.... Not knowing what to expect since I had never attended before I didnt take that much money... Well from the posted pictures here you can see that it was not a flop.

I met my good friend Michel there and a few hours later and down to a few nickels and pennies I left happy as can be.

I left plenty behind because like I said I didn't bring a whole lotta money.

The nice lady at the front told me they will be
having another one in February 2007. If you
would like more info drop me a line
and bring your cash. I know I will
start stashing a little here and there
awaiting next years Convention.

Scroll down for more pictures.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

more great pics from the Country
Living Fair in Chicago a couple
of weeks ago.... Posted by Picasa
fall is in the air here in St. Louis and if
you could only see the beautiful colors
that is all around me... the trees are and
their beautiful leaves are amazing...

You all that live in MO know what I am
talking about right?

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My self-portrait atc.......

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

last weekend at the country living fair I fell
in love with these distressed steel buckets.

They were all beautiful and I should of bought
more, but since my favorite color is green if you
scroll down you will see the one I bought and
how I simply embelished it to give it an extra
touch..... Not that it needed it because it was
already great as it was..........

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for the last two nights I have been
struggling trying to make a self
portrait ATC.... Hopefully, maybe
this picture will give me some ideas

Maybe I just need to walk away from
the theme just for this weekend and
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Like a few of you..... OH BECKY.... I
love fall always have and always will..

It's red, oranges, rust, browns and golden
colors.... Posted by Picasa
Wow what a beautiful flower this
is and when I saw it I had to take a
picture.... I am in AWE of it's
beauty................ Posted by Picasa
this is somewhere in old St. Charles...

Do you know where it's at???? Posted by Picasa
Another great display at the fair...

Truly beautiful....


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Sunday, October 08, 2006

I had a wonderful time in CHICAGO this
past weekend..... So sit back, relax and scroll
down to see some of my pics I took on my trip........

THANKS, LORI, Jen and MAry Ann

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Skin Abrasions

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This is my brother... I am so proud of him
because he with a few others opened a new
tatoo shop in Oakbrook, IL.  Posted by Picasa
Well, that is it for now... I will post more
as I took 150 pictures this past weekend.

I don't want to bore you so come back later
if you want to see more eye candy......

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These iron chairs were the BOMB
if you want to put it that way.

Yours for only $875.00.... Posted by Picasa
More lovely stuff.... I swear I felt
like they just threw me into the
magazine... What a great
experience it was to just be there and share this day with my good friends. Posted by Picasa
These urns were AWESOME............  Posted by Picasa
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These are a few pictures of the great trip
that I had this past weekend. It was fun
to be part of the COUNTRY LIVING FAIR.

Seriously, it was like being inside the magazine. EACH tent was filled with eye candy and great decor...

Please enjoy these pictures I took of that beautiful day........... Posted by Picasa