Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Flea Market Finds

I am loving my flea market... more and more each time I visit......

Here are some of my favorite finds....
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another one of my finds
oh what to do with this
I fell in love with this
because of it's distressing
and thought it would be
just fun to own..... Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

I can't stop creating these  Posted by Picasa
another addiction.... Posted by Picasa
I am totally addicted to
these beautiful flower
enamel pins.....
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

enjoy yourself
Enjoy your LIfe
Enjoy your loved ones
enjoy your art
Enjoy being YOU................... Posted by Picasa
a couple of weeks ago when my
girlfriend Mary Ann came to visit
I was luck to experience my first
ESTATE sale... What fun I had and at
the same time kind of sad that we were
in someones home buying their belongings, but like I told the lady I loved everything I bought and I will take good care of all my treasure finds... I got this great chair for $5.00... I know have it in my foyer just so that I can enjoy seeing it everyday.........
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

a beauty just like this one will be home
with me soonnnnnnn.

MORE PICS BELOW... Posted by Picasa
i found this great find
at my local antique store
for $2.50... I didn't know
what it's use would be
until I took out my foam
stamps and thought this is
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Ohhhh BECKY I am ready
also....... I will put it in the
mail by the end of this week.

I think you would like this one
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

just wanted to let you know
that I added new pictures

So scroll on down if you
would like to see more...
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more pics MaryAnn took
last weekend while down
here visiting me.....
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I LOVE my stuff!!!!!!!!!

More pics below....... Posted by Picasa

Where will your JOURNEY take U!

if last weekend was a fun filled
weekend..... What will my journey be this weekend? I know for sure that I am going to Old St. Charles again for the FLEUR DE LIS festivities.. FOOD, MUSIC, FOOD, FUN, ARTS and CRAFTS and maybe a quick stop at this great little shop called BLOOM or the spice store called The Market Place that has tons of these cute little wire baskets ready to be filled with my stamp stuff...... Posted by Picasa

What have I been up to???

I am enjoying making these little
collages in these mini frames...

I love this image... My friend Michel was so nice to give me an image of this pretty girl...

Becky what do you think???? Do you wanna trade???? Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

Fun in the SUN with Mary Ann

My long ago friend came to visit me this weekend.. And did we have a blast... If you have never been to Ms. Aimee B's for breakfast you must go...Thanks Mary for recomending it for breakfast...The eggs benedict and dutch boy pancake was to die for....Plus, it was just fun doing girly things with you my friend......

Here are some pics she took with her camera since my camera was with the boys at the camp ground... You must hurry back Mary Ann..... YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!!!!!!!!!
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D is for Darn cute

DOMINOES.... Dominoed out...
These are the dominoes I created
at Red Leads dominoe class this
past Sat. It was so much fun. My girlfriend MaryAnn was in town and she joined me as well as my friend Michel...... Linda Smith and her daughter were there as well creating fun.......
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Sunday, August 06, 2006


thats all I have to say.....

come on over I will save one for
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I am also trying to finish
atcs for Red Leads swap due
August 15......

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Another great find this great
steel plant holder that I put in my
lower room bathroom and some
old magazines that I bought as well. Posted by Picasa
I found this cute little table
at an antique shop today and I just
had to have it plus it was priced just
so now it stands in my hallway next
to my bedroom door......
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heres a better view of the
pretty vintage postcardPosted by Picasa
I found this great little find this weekend
so I took it home and put a ribbon on
it and a vintage postcard and it's ready.

Love it. Posted by Picasa
Happy 9th birthday my
son.... LOVE YA always.. Posted by Picasa